Policies and Procedures

The KANSASWORKS State Board serves as a review board and change agent empowered with the responsibility of making recommendations to the Governor and to state agencies to align workforce development with the needs of economic development in the state. 

Policies, Procedures and Manuals

This site contains policies, procedures, processes, notices and reference materials related to KANSASWORKS the state workforce system and is administered by the Workforce Services Division of the Kansas Department of Commerce.




WIOA Policies & Procedures (Approved)


Title Download
5-00-00 Policy Development Policy Download Preview
5-01-00 Establishment of Local Workforce Development Boards (WIOA) 10-10-17 Download Preview
5-01-01 Role of Chief Elected Officials Download Preview
5-01-02 One-Stop Operator Selection Download Preview
5-02-01 Eligibility Determination and Documentation Download Preview
5-02-00 Eligible Training Provider List Policy Download Preview
5-03-00 Policy Statewide Rapid Response Activities Download Preview
5-03-00 Procedures for Rapid Response Award Policies Download Preview
5-04-00 KWSB Meeting Public Comment Policy Download Preview
5-05-00 Workforce Svcs Fiscal Manual 4-27-16 Download Preview
5-06-00 Equal Opportunity Data Information Collection and Maintenance Download Preview
5-07-00 Training Expenditure Policy 8-3-16 Download Preview
5-08-00 Coordinating Individual Training Accounts Sources of Financial Assistance Download Preview
5-09-00 Ks Workforce Services System Brand Download Preview
5-10-00 Auditing and Audit Resolution and Flow Chart Download Preview
5-11-00 Procedures for Reporting Suspected Program Fraud or Abuse Download Preview
5-12-00 Oversight and Monitoring-Revised Nov 5 2018 Download Preview
5-13-00 Record Maintenance and Retention Download Preview
5-14-00 Prohibition Against National Origin Discrimination Download Preview
5-15-00 Migrant Seasonal Farmworker Download Preview
5-16-00 Foreign Labor Certification Download Preview
5-17-00 Federal Bonding Program Download Preview
5-18-00 Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program Download Preview
5-19-00 Kansas Open Meeting Act Download Preview
5-20-00 Open Records Policy Download Preview
5-21-00 Wagner-Peyser Labor Exchange Services Download Preview
5-22-00 WIOA Discrimination Complaint Processing Download Preview
5-23-00 Selective Service Registration Download Preview
5-24-00 Modifications to Local Plans Download Preview
5-25-00 Memoranda Of Understanding (MOU) Download Preview
5-26-00 Partner Collaboration Download Preview
5-28-00 One-Stop Certification Download Preview
5-27-00 Final Integration and Functional Management 11-1-17 Download Preview
5-29-00 General WIOA Complaint Download Preview
5-30-00 Restrictions on Provision of Career and Training Services Download Preview
5-31-00 On-the-Job Training and Customized Training Download Preview
5-32-00 RESEA Procedures Manual Download Preview
5-33-00 Equal Access for Job Seekers with Disabilities Download Preview
5-34-00 Equal Opportunity Notification Communication and Assurance Download Preview
5-35-00 Implementing Salary and Bonus Limitations in Public Law 109-234 Download Preview
5-36-00 Local Area Contracts for Administrative Services Download Preview
5-37-00 Incentive and Sanction Policy for WIOA Title 1 Programs Download Preview
5-38-00 Final Data Collection Policy 11-1-17 Download Preview

Contact Us

The KANSASWORKS State Board is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Any individual with a disability may request accommodations by emailing workforcesvcs@ks.gov, TDD 711 or 1-800-766-3777. Requests should be made at least (5) working days in advance of the event. 

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